Dimond design customizes upholstery!

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Client: Dimond
Website: dimond.com
Services: Design, Art Direction, Photography, Print&Finishings

Dimond design customizes upholstery!

This project was a challenge for our designer team. After first meeting with Pedro Nunes (Dimond manager) it was clear that he had the goal to reach interior designers and decorators offering them the flexibility for customizing the final product. Therefore,

About the design, its a old school pieces. Hand-made massive wood craving shaped by old ancestors. Every piece is unique and made with the finnest materials.

There is nothing better than relaxing and rocking your cares away in a nice rocking chair. In fact, the only thing better than that, is that rocker chair being something unique that no one has. Take some time going through his collection and find one that really impressionates you.

Customers love it!

We care deeply about every aspect of their products to make sure they’ll love it.

Responsibly produced from eco-friendly materials and packed without plastic.