100% 3d rendering | graphic design creation | print&finishings

The work consisted in 3d rendering of realistic images for creation of the new ALTOCOLLECTION product catalogue.

Client: Carrion
Date: August 13, 2021
Services: furniture production


Bonjour, and welcome to Alto collection!

We believe that your home should be your own personal retreat—a place where you always feel your absolute best.

Alto is a very peculiar collection, thanks to the combination of iron, ceramics, wood and led lightning we find perfect harmony.
In this product you will find sophisticated lines and attention to details.

The table with crossed legs is a design piece of furniture, which has now become a must have!
It is the perfect choice to furnish your house or a beautiful open space in an original way.


Building the idea.

The industrial look remains one of the most timeless styles you can achieve; it’s not just a trend, but a lifestyle choice that evokes feelings of individuality, purpose and beauty in every fixture.

When it comes to furnishings, an industrial interior requires features to be practical and uncomplicated. Clean lines, simple forms and stark contrasts are a must, but this simplistic approach does not mean you have to compromise on comfort.


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Thrusting Sab Than headlong from the platform, I drew Dejah Thoris to my side. Behind the throne was a narrow doorway and in this Than Kosis now stood facing me, with drawn long-sword. In an instant we were engaged, and I found no mean antagonist.